Why We Publish

Welcome to the New Cultures Press! New Cultures Press is an innovative publishing house whose purpose is to make available books that draw on the past in order to shed light on the present and future.  More a collaborative project than a conventional publishing house, buy and much more attuned to new forms of publicity and distribution, buy its goal is to encourage cultural renewal and emergent cultures through publication of non-fiction and fiction. In addition to New Cultures Press books, ask our project includes the imprints, Grailstone, New Grail, and North American Academic Press.

Why the name New Cultures?  We are living during a difficult period economically, socially, and culturally, but we can foresee in the future, on the other side of this period, the possibility of new cultures emerging.  Our publishing house is envisioned as a way to help shape, encourage, and inspire those future cultures that, we believe, will emerge from the vibrant inner lives of those who inhabit the space where religion, literature, and art converge.  We want to make available what we inherit from the past—culture—in new ways.

We have a number of books now in production, including a new book by Gerhard Wehr, as well as books on mysticism and politics.  We also plan to publish some remarkable books in a new genre that we term “metafiction.”  And we will be featuring audio interviews with authors, as well as occasional columns and excerpts from forthcoming books.  Stay tuned!

Our latest title on the inner life is The Mystical State: Politics, Gnosis, and Emergent Cultures by Arthur Versluis

This is not just another book, so much as a new way of seeing the world and our way of being in it. Groundbreaking, and profoundly optimistic, this is the only book to investigate how mysticism can inspire cultural and political renewal. At heart,  The Mystical State looks toward the future, toward what is possible on the other side of the difficult times that confront us, and how we can envision and encourage cultural emergence. In The Mystical State, Arthur Versluis delves into the origins of modernity and what led to the crises of our time. But he also looks to the future, and in particular, to how spirituality can inform cultural and political life in new and illuminating ways.

Praise for Other Works:

“At a time when the religions of the world are meeting on a spiritual level and in a global context, it is crucial that the Christian West rediscover its often forgotten inner or esoteric wisdom. Arthur Versluis skillfully guides the reader to recover the wide range of this rich heritage.”
Ewart Cousins, general editor, World Spirituality: An Encyclopedic History of the Religious Quest

“A collection of very precious clues to the sources of the Western spiritual tradition, pointing to the hidden currents both in history and in our own selves.”
Jacob Needleman, author of The American Soul and The Heart of Philosophy

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