Available May 1 2021

Conversations in Apocalyptic Times:

A Guide for the Spiritual Seeker

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In this series of fascinating and profound conversations, clinical psychologist Robert J. Faas and author Arthur Versluis discuss how to deepen your spiritual life in the midst of challenging and even apocalyptic times.  In this remarkable book, they discuss the hidden inner riches of mystical Christianity and disclose for the first time in accessible, clear language the secret alchemical path of transmutation embedded in the Grail cycle and in the mysteries of the Western tradition. This book is meant for the spiritual seeker who knows there must be more to life than what we are usually told. In an age of distraction and confusion, what is our path forward to a more meaningful and fulfilled life? To that question this book provides answers.

Robert J. Faas is a clinical psychologist with many years of practice and experience in the Christian alchemical path made available in the works of Jacob Böhme, John Pordage, and Friedrich Schelling. 

Arthur Versluis is author of numerous books on spirituality, sacred landscape, and the intersection of religion and literature. He is the founding director of Hieros Institute, a nonprofit devoted to deepening our understanding of the sacred in contemporary life.

This is the best kind of book: it’s useful. I wish I had read it years ago. Henry Corbin would have loved it—it not only comes from the heart but it helps to activate it. If you suspect that your life is supposed to be a meaningful journey but you’re not sure how to act on that intuition, this wonderful dialogue will help give you direction and courage. It is an open invitation to embark on what Corbin called “a journey toward the Light.”

—Tom Cheetham, author of All the World an Icon, Green Man, Earth Angel, and many other books.

In an informal, conversational style, the authors offer valuable advice on how one can proceed on the spiritual path. A refreshing antidote to the materialistic and mechanistic view of reality so dominant within the walls of academia.

—Kyriacos Markides, author of The Magus of Strovolos, Riding with the Lion, and many other books.

Exciting—whether you agree or not with the ideas in this book, you can benefit from the conversation. It has inspired me.

—Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, and A Religion of One’s Own.